Storage Tech Refresh

Storage Tech Refresh

What is Tech Refresh?

Build a strong sales offense with tech refresh – a proven tactic that helps your customers gain the flexibility, speed and control needed to accelerate business innovation and growth.

If your customers don’t have modern and optimized IT infrastructure, they’re not equipped to meet current and future business workload demands – which may lead to them losing ground to competitors.

Your current customers are your biggest fans! Whilst scouting for new business is important, a tech refresh discussion with your customers could power revenue where customer hardware is approaching the end of its useful life.

By investing in new infrastructure technologies, your customers can be confident in knowing that their growth and workload demands are looked after for the future.


  • Save time and money: As equipment ages, management takes longer and costs more. Replacing it saves you time, money and hassle.
  • Do more with less: A tech refresh can increase productivity and reduce spend at the same time.
  • Stay in front: New technology gives you better, faster, more flexible and more future-proof solutions.
  • Stay up and running: The older your storage systems get, so do the workload complexities of your business to remain competitive. It’s a challenging combination. A tech refresh reduces the risk of failure and downtime.


  • Know your customer, their current storage platform and as much about their workloads as possible:
  • What model is it? How much usable capacity do they have?
  • What’s their quarterly data growth?
  • Are they under maintenance?

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