RISE Incentive Program

RISE Incentive Program


RISE: Accelerate T2 Authorized Partner Business

  • Increase number of Authorized Partners buying per quarter
  • Increase Authorized Partners average revenue per quarter
  • Accelerate business through distribution with a targeted journey framework
  • ‘do more, earn more’

RISE Overview

Authorized Partner Structure to earn $/box

  • 4 Reseller performance groups : Ignite, Boost, Advanced, Elite
  • Groups based on BI / L4Q business revenue all LOB
  • Dollar rewards on all eligible stock and sell purchases made through Distribution Partners
  • Rewards accumulate throughout the13-week quarterly incentive period
  • Ignite/Boost: Rewards exchanged for e-vouchers (in local currency) to spend at chosen Distribution Partner
  • Advanced/Elite: Credit Notes through Distribution Partner
  • Scale up through RISE groups to increase earnings

SnS Rewards Mechanics to Groups per Q


Meet your unit threshold and receive maximum rewards from unit 1

Desktops and laptops units thresholds are looking at Latitude, OptiPlex, Precision, XPS, Vostro only


Displays units thresholds are looking at Displays only (these units are not eligible in the units count to move up or down groups.


Servers units thresholds are looking at PowerEdge Server only


Partners can move only one step at a time per quarter

Dollar Rewards per box SnS

Authorised partners will earn 4 x RISE reward on eligible Client Solutions and Client Peripherals during November!

CSG: Displays, Latitude, OptiPlex, Precision, Vostro, XPS & Services


ISG: PowerEdge, ROK, Networking, Services



Rewards examples

Example: Purchase 4 x Latitude 3 series laptops (5$ per box)

Ignite group partner earnings : $0  (minimum threshold is 5)

Boost, Advanced and Elite groups partner earnings : $20


Example: Purchasing 30 x Latitude 9 series laptops (20$ per box)

Ignite group partner earnings : $600 (30×20)

Boost, Advanced and Elite groups partner earnings: $690 (30x20x1.15)

Reward Redemption & Credit Note Payment


  1. Resellers are notified by email when the redemption period opens –  in month two of the following quarter.
  2. Reseller redeems earned $ with an evoucher on the Performance Portal in the following quarter’s redemption period.
  3. Reseller selects their preferred Distribution Partner.
  4. Reseller & chosen Distribution Partner receives confirmation email – Email confirms value and expiry date of voucher.
  5. Voucher can be applied at the point of next order of Dell Technologies products in the following quarter.
  6. Distributor reports back on evoucher usage on orders in the Sell out report.
  7. Recap of evoucher is reimbursed through credit note processed for total value claimed.


  1. Reseller earned $ will be paid directly in a format of a credit note through Distributor beginning of the following quarter
  2. Reseller will use these credit notes on a new Dell order through Distribution
  3. Distributor will be receiving pass-through credit notes and details on who to pass them on to at the beginning of the following quarter

Reports on Performance Portal

For distributors

1. Reseller Performance Report

  • Shows purchases that resellers have made with distributors over the course of the quarter to date.
  • Note that Ignite and Boost partners can redeem their rewards with the participating distributors of their choice, once the redemption window opens the following quarter.

2. E-Voucher Report

  • Shows Ignite and Boost resellers who have redeemed their rewards with distributors.
  • Shows reseller E-voucher details: voucher code, value, status (Ignite and Boost partners only).

Reports on Performance Portal (from Q3 FY22)

For resellers

1. The Rewards calculator (for all RISE groups)

Tool that enables resellers to predict likely pay-out.

2. The Advanced and Elite pass through report (Advanced and Elite partners only)

Shows credit earned in previous quarter (in $ and local currency).

1. Register Here


4. Receive an activation code via email.
5. Click “Activate Account” and input details and code.


2. Enter Organisation Name


6. Log in to your account


3. Enter Details


7. Press “View and Accept” to accept the Dell Partner Incentives Portal Terms of Use


Dell Client

Call your Account Manager for details, or email Michael.Turney@ingrammicro.com

Dell Enterprise

Call your Account Manager for details, or email David.Martin@ingrammicro.com